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CARCASONE JACKET is a 100% Drill with Italian suede details garment, part of the exclusive BLACK catalog by Miguel Caballero, which is created with most discrete ballistic protection capable of stopping ammunition and keeping the person's vital organs safe.

This jacket is certified by the United States Department of Justice (NIJ 0101.06) and the European Community (CE). Thanks to its Thermoregulation system, CARCASONE JACKET proactively regulates body temperature, heat and humidity. 

- Level of Ballistic Protection: level II certified by NIJ 0101.06 With a ballistic resistance to the following ammunition PIST CAL 9 MM FMJ RN up to REV .357 Magnum.
- Front and Back protection for vital organs Ballistic 
- Ballistic Panels resistant to moisture and fire 
- High Flexibility and Discretion 
- Lightweight: 6 lbs. Aprox  
- Thermo – Regulating System