Every Life Matters. Choose MC Armor for the Ultimate Protection. - MC Armor

Every Life Matters. Choose MC Armor for the Ultimate Protection.

Every life matters at MC Armor, a world-renowned personal protective gear company responsible for designing and developing innovative solutions for protective apparel and accessories.

MC Armor was founded by entrepreneur Miguel Caballero in 1992 as a protective gear and clothing company based in Bogota, Colombia. The company’s goal is to protect individuals from ballistic threats and potential dangerous situations.

Safety is a priority, especially in these unprecedented and uncertain times with the rise of school shootings, violence, and crime. Living in 2020 means preparing well in advance for possible threats to your life, or the lives of others. It is important to invest in high-quality personal protective gear in the form of bulletproof vests or tactical jackets to put your mind at ease and prepare for any extreme conditions that you or a loved one might be faced with.

MC Armor gear can be used by anyone -- youth, healthcare workers, law enforcement, prominent celebrities, and others who are concerned about being caught in the crossfire of potential, or unexpected threats. MC Armor carries everything from protective ballistic armor, concealed body armor and ballistic vests, as well as civilian body armor and accessories to save lives and shield you from danger.

American Illusionist David Blaine once partnered with MC Armor in the “I Was Shot” by Miguel Caballero campaign while wearing a ballistic-proof vest. He was the first person to wear one of MC Armor’s armored clothes, while experiencing an unflinching and raw moment of being shot by founder Miguel Caballero. The campaign was part of an effort to demonstrate and test the strength, flexibility, and durability of exceptional protective and high-performance tactical gear.

Both fashionable and protective, MC Armor gear does more than just look good -- it protects all life at all costs and adheres to the highest standards for protective gear.

In 2001, MC Armor received the first certification by the N.I.J. 0101.06 to confirm and verify the strength and passage of unique personal protective gear. MC Armor has since gone on to be featured on a variety of documentaries as well as Univision to talk about the company’s vision and commitment for saving lives.

VIP clients include a variety of prominent individuals such as Ivan Duque, President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, former President of Colombia, Carlos Funes, former President of El Salvador, and more.

There are many reasons to choose MC Armor for your armor needs. Don’t let your guard down. Always be proactive, alert, and protect your vital organs with gear that keeps you safe 24/7. That is MC Armor’s commitment.

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