At MC Armor, we believe every life matters.  We provide certified ballistic-proof gear that protects from dangerous situations and threats. We’re here to help you find the right type of gear and accessories for today’s real life heroes in your lives.

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Gold collection

From bulletproof tank tops to heavy-duty tactical jackets, the MC Armor Gold Collection features our best-selling, high-performance personal protective gear to keep you shielded from extreme weather conditions and potential dangerous threats.

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The perfect lightweight, flexible and discreet protection, for everybody!! uber driver, doctor, entrepreneur, realtor and mmore just to keep you safe.

Black Collection

MC Armor is responsible for conceptualizing, developing, and providing specialized personal protection gear that aligns with rigorous ballistic-resistant standards to protect lives.

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Exclusivity, protection, discretion and comfort, the inspiration for every Black design.

Your courage is our inspiration

We are committed to protecting all lives from potential ballistic threats. MC-Armor apparel meets high-performance quality standards and has gone through rigorous testing to guarantee its optimal performance.

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For Real

Life Heroes

Every life matters for MC-Armor. We’re here to help you find the right type of gear and accessories for today’s real life heroes in your lives -- from Presidents, deputies, law enforcement, children, to mothers, doctors, and more.

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Knowledgeable staff, client centric, great product. highly recommended

Manuel Prado

I very much bless and do recommend and promote this MC Armor company , Shalom to you all

David Pacheco

Very stylish and I am looking into the products. Maybe all clothing should be made of this.

Chris Sasko

Thank you for offering protection to everyone. Highly recommend them!

Vanesa Stakeley