About Us

MC-Armor is the US Based company that distributes the world renown brand Miguel Caballero.

Since 1992 Miguel Caballero creates personal protection solutions, specialized in offering innovative products that adapt to the different needs and situations that attract the integration of the user's company.

In order to preserve the lives of human beings, our products meet the most demanding quality standards and have undergone rigorous tests that guarantee their optimal performance. Obtaining international certifications guarantees each of our processes.

Our company is responsable for designing, developing and providing solutions for specialized personal protection, through clothing and innovated products, created with the purpose of preserve the life of our consumers from potential type of ballistic threats, among others ways.

All our clothes meet high performance quality standards and has been submitted to rigorous testing for guarantee his optimal performance. Also have multiple certifications worldwide that support each of our processes. We are committed to providing specialized personal protection solutions that fit the needs and lifestyle of each of our customers, creating unique products that meet specific requirements.