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At MC Armor, we hold the belief that every life is valuable and are dedicated to fulfilling our mission of providing protection from potential ballistic dangers.

For real life heroes

At our company, we specialize in creating top-of-the-line personal protection solutions through innovative clothing and products. Our mission is to safeguard the lives of our customers from a variety of ballistic threats. Our clothing is subject to rigorous testing to ensure high performance and meets the highest quality standards. Additionally, we have earned multiple certifications around the world to support our processes. We are dedicated to tailoring our solutions to fit the unique needs and lifestyles of each customer, producing personalized products that specifically address their requirements.

Miguel <br>Caballero


MC Armor, founded by Miguel Caballero, offers innovative ballistic-proof gear and accessories. With operations in Colombia and Florida, the company's products are popular among individuals and high-profile figures.

Among his clients are kings, presidents, businessmen and Hollywood actors. Even the urban superheroes have wanted the company to protect them with bulletproof suits, but until now the materials to make them only exist in science fiction and are used by characters like Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman…


Our History

We’re here to protect you

Our collection of bulletproof vests, tanks, and jackets has been put to the ultimate test with Miguel Caballero pulling a .38 caliber pistol against a partner’s chest to help test the strength and durability of his products. Over the decades, Caballero has shot more than 230 volunteers, including American illusionist David Blaine, to demonstrate the power and durability of MC-Armor in protecting lives and withstanding ballistic threats on vital organs and precious lives.

  • The company Miguel Caballero is constituted in Colombia as a response to the needs in the field of personal security.

  • Miguel Caballero shoots the first person wearing one of his armored clothes, thus “I was shot by Miguel Caballero”

  • Development of the first demining suits in cooperation with the Colombian National Army.

  • Miguel Caballero is the first company to comply with the N.I.J. 0101.04 in Latin America.

  • Opening at international level with participation in tenders outside Colombia.

  • Obtain the first certification N.I.J. 0101.06.

  • The first international documentaries on Miguel Caballero are made by Discovery Channel and History Channel.

  • The first boutique specialized in armored garments is opened in Mexico City.

  • Miguel Caballero expands to commercial level in Russia and Middle East.

  • Miguel Caballero opens its first production factory of 4,600 mt2 in Cota, Colombia.

  • The Research and Development department is formed.

  • Miguel Caballero obtains the certificate of the European Community joining to his great list of certifications.

  • Miguel Caballero obtains his first patent with the product Armor T-shirt in Colombia.

  • The second international corporate office was consolidated, thus achieving Miguel Caballero Mexico and Miguel Caballero Guatemala.

  • ISO 14001 certification is obtained.

  • Opening Commercial Office in Peru.

Our ballistic systems are certified to the National Institute of Justice of the United States for a Level II and IIIA, according to the standard N.I.J. 0101.06.

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Thanks for being a part of the MC-Armor family.
We’re here to protect you from ballistic threats.

Knowledgeable staff, client centric, great product. highly recommended

Manuel Prado

I very much bless and do recommend and promote this MC Armor company , Shalom to you all

David Pacheco

Very stylish and I am looking into the products. Maybe all clothing should be made of this.

Chris Sasko

Thank you for offering protection to everyone. Highly recommend them!

Vanesa Stakeley

Very concealable, and lightweight. Superior product!


Perfect fit for a IIIA Concealed vest. Very professionally made.


This product is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. MC-Amour checked off all the boxes when they came up with low visibility vest. I can’t wait to purchase my own.