Thanks to its high performance in ballistic testing, Miguel Caballero has 11 certifications granted by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice). This agency of the United States Department of Justice developed the verification system for ballistic protection products to ensure that the user has the highest level of protection possible. It is the most stringent worldwide benchmark for control and quality standard certifications for personal protection products.



Our company is part of an international partnership between companies, governments and international inspection organizations. It seeks to develop a safe international trade through the implementation of a system of management and control in order to ensure products that are not contaminated with strange substances, or used for illegal purposes, pursuing healthy business practices.



We hold the environmental certification ISO 14001-04, which species the most important requirements that identify, control and monitor the environmental aspects of any organization, as well as how to manage and improve the whole system.



We are certified with this international standard, which promotes the adoption of a process-based approach, where the effectiveness of the quality management system is developed, implemented and improved, to increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling its requirements.