Quality Assurance Certifications


ISO 9001 Certified.
International standard responsible of management, control and establish improvement plans for all elements of the internal administrative process guarantee the quality of products or services.


BASC Certified
International standard responsible of the management and control which seeks that products are not contaminated with strange substances, or to be used for illegal purposes, ensuring healthy business practices


N.I.J Certified
The ballistic panels have been certified by the highest quality standard for body armor protection in the world: the United States Department of Justice (N.I.J. 0101.06), through tests performed by the HP White Laboratory.


Insurance Policy
Our company has product liability insurance: If any of our products cause injury to a person, we will be liable to pay a compensation cost up to 20.000.000 USD.




ISO 14001 Certified
Specifies the most important requirements to identify, control and supervise environmental aspects of the brand, along with the way of managing and improving the whole system.