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Quality Certifications

Ballistic Advantages

Our gear has many ballistic advantages to ensure our commitment for protecting lives. Made from the finest materials, our gear varies in level and ballistic-resistant strength. Take a look at the chart above for more detailed information.

Ballistic Advantages MC Armor

Protection Levels

MC Armor provides protection in the form of vests and other ballistic-resistant gear. Our chart breaks down the level of protection and the types of ammo it repels.

MC Armor provides protection in the form of vests and other ballistic-resistant gear

ISO 9001

We are certified with this international standard, which promotes the adoption of a process-based approach, where the effectiveness of the quality management system is developed, implemented and improved, to increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling its requirements.

NIJ 0101.06 Certification

Miguel Caballero’s MC-Armor brand has received 11 certifications granted by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice), an agency of the United States Department of Justice that has developed the verification system for ballistic protection products. This ensures the user of our gear has the highest level of protection possible. NIJ Certification is the most stringent worldwide benchmark for control and quality standard certifications for personal protection products.

More Certifications

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Protection Levels

Our ballistic-resistant gear has been certified and approved by the National Institute of Justice with a Level II status, according to the standard put in place by N.I.J. 0101.06.

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Knowledgeable staff, client centric, great product. highly recommended

Manuel Prado

I very much bless and do recommend and promote this MC Armor company , Shalom to you all

David Pacheco

Very stylish and I am looking into the products. Maybe all clothing should be made of this.

Chris Sasko

Thank you for offering protection to everyone. Highly recommend them!

Vanesa Stakeley

Very concealable, and lightweight. Superior product!


Perfect fit for a IIIA Concealed vest. Very professionally made.


This product is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. MC-Amour checked off all the boxes when they came up with low visibility vest. I can’t wait to purchase my own.