Growing Consumer Interest in Personal Protective Equipment and Gear

The personal protective equipment industry continues to see a spike in the number of consumers looking for quality protective gear. According to market research, the global personal protective equipment market was estimated at $50.9 billion in 2019 and expected to increase at a rate of 6.6 percent.

Personal protective equipment includes protective clothing, hand protection, protective footwear, head, eye & face protective; respiratory protection, fall or collapse protection, hearing protection, and other protective measures.

 The interest and spike for purchasing certain types of personal protective equipment may be attributed to the growing awareness about worker’s health and their safety, as well as increased fatalities in emerging economies due to the lack of personal protective equipment, according to market research.

Amid the rise of COVID-19 cases, essential healthcare workers have expressed their concerns about sanitation and the lack of enough PPE (personal protective equipment) to protect them.

For individuals anxious about the current climate and possible violence arising, in recent weeks, several people across the country have ventured to their local gun shops or ecommerce sites to purchase protective safety equipment, protective apparel gear, and guns and ammunition to protect themselves and their loved ones. In fact, in recent months, gun shops across the country saw a 70 percent spike in the number of sales for guns and ammunition.

MC Armor understands the uncertainty that these times may bring, as well as the urgent need to protect loved one’s from unexpected circumstances. To put some of these worries to rest, MC Armor carries a variety of bulletproof vests and waterproof, tactical jackets to protect individuals from dangerous situations.

Some of the gear that MC Armor provides includes a lightweight Ballistic Removal Insert Level LLLA, which can be inserted inside a backpack to protect from ballistic threats. They also carry the bestselling “The Perfect Tank Top,” which provides discrete and concealable wear to protect you and keep you safe from the threat of dangerous situations. The goal is to give consumers the opportunity to be proactive and prepared for what may or may not happen. Safety comes first.

MC Armor is dedicated to saving lives and providing quality manufactured and certified protective apparel and gear to keep you safe 24/7. For new products and sales, be sure to visit the website for more information.


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