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What are Underground Doomsday Bunkers?

After the coronavirus havoc, it’s been reported that people are seeking to isolate themselves when panic strikes. Now shelters, panic rooms, and underground bunkers are the new doomsday extreme. Across the globe, people have shown interest in these survival shelters that were created out of past military bunkers. These underground protective dwellings are designed to withstand any natural disaster. They aim to prepare people who fear catastrophic events.

Robert Vicino, Vivos Underground Survival Shelters founder, told the Daily Star, “The ‘surge’ has been exponential. People are waking up to the reality that they must prepare before it is too late.” His South Dakota facility, Vivos xPoint, has 575 bunkers that can accommodate 10 to 25 people. Each shelter has its own individual road, so each group feels private and isolated. Vicino leases the bunkers for a hefty price, but to some, their life is worth it.

Not only do Vivos isolated bunkers offer protection from horrifying circumstances, but they also provide luxury facilities for those who want to reside in expensive suites. Shared features in these compounds include an aquaculture food production system, a bar and lounge area, a pool and spa, and an indoor shooting range. Vicino has seen a lot of interest in his facility, as it includes all these amenities in addition to offering protection for nuclear war, gas attacks, and other offenses.

These bunkers serve as people’s life-assurance. Knowing they have a Plan B for their family keeps them confident and positive if terrifying situations do occur. Bunkers will ultimately protect you and your family as they are over two feet underground. You can stay in these shelters as long as your food, water, and other necessities last to keep you alive. Demand for bunkers has truly been surging as people are looking to flee to isolation due to the trying times we are facing. We suggest staying safe and looking into leasing space in these underground shelters and communities if you want to feel extra prepared.

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